13A Portfolio Project


This is my final project which was to make a slide share of all the projects I have completed throughout this Spring quarter. I was able to do this by compiling all my work and creating a Power Point to show case them. I added color bars to each slide to match the color theme of each project to give it some design but also to give the slides some repetition and unity. I kept a simple 18 pt. font in all the slides and added an introduction slide with my name and a quote. I also created the last slide repeating my name and logo with a brief tagline” Aiming to succeed expanding your vision” as a way to close with an appealing phrase.portfolio word image


two slides from Portfolio


I had my instructor Julie Peterson critique my work through the live demo and she suggested I change the bars on the right side with the titles to the left instead to bring the eyes to the right where the work is show cased. She also suggested I don’t center my title slide with my name and to move it to the bottom right instead along with the quote to add some interest and same with the last slide. She also cautioned my to check some of my images that looked a bit stretched. She liked the vertical titles and the color bars that matched each project. I also had Rebecca Stallard Garcia critique my work through the Facebook class page and she suggested I make all the font tittles the same size. I followed all the advice given and felt it improved my project greatly. Hope you enjoy the slides.


Daysi-AR JULIA( Serif), Logo and text box-Calabri(Sans Serif), Subtitles- Corbel(Sans- Serif)

Sample other work by Cristy Crawford https://cristyinfocus.wordpress.com/category/design


6 thoughts on “13A Portfolio Project

  1. Daysi, I’m very impressed with your final portfolio. It is very well designed and I like the way you present each title, up and down instead of across. It looks awesome. Thanks for all your help this semester! It’s been fun. Godd luck!


  2. Nice job keeping a consistent look while changing the colors to fit your project. I like that you moved the titles over to the left side of the slide, I think they work better over there. Good job!


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